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looks pretty cool

THE DREAM! The Verdier / The Volkswagen Microbus is a classic This remake of a VW classic is remarkably true to the original on the outside – but on the inside it is a bio-diesel hybrid stuffed full of high tech gadgetry and eco-friendly innovations.

I want to go camping.  With a van.  With water.  With mountains.  Two chairs.  For two people.

Old Bug. Old Vw Club. Old Car. Classic Cars Old Cars Carro Antigo. Old School Bug.

Peace   Love   Yo : SPOKÓJ

My dream is to travel around the world in a VW Kombi with some good friends, play music everyday and go to the beach everyday!

A friend of mine had one of these when we were in Highschool. Roadtrip memories lol

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Colourful campers

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Hippie Van <3 one day..

Officially called the 'Volkswagen Type the roomy VW bus/van can make you feel like going on a long road trip, camping and beach bumming the entire way. Although it's a famous icon for hippies and surfers, it's really a nostalgic vehicle for everyone.

All I want to do with my life is buy myself a VW van, become a drifter, travel the world, drink tea, try new food, read every book ever written, and write poetry. Is that too much too ask for???

on the beach with the surf boards (no surf though) VW Camper van bus