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No better way for a bunny to express their joy & happiness than a Binky. No better feeling for bunnies human knowing they are living with a happy binkying bunny !!!!

I present you Angry Rabbit…

This angry rabbit is adorable my Trixie makes the same face but it's when she's sleeping

Advice from a rabbit. Be a good listener. Eat plenty of greens. Let your dreams multiply. Hop to it! Know when to be still. Spend time in Nature. Don't worry, be hoppy! #Quotes #Inspiration

Politicians need some explaining for me !!! Hmm. Karma is the cycle of life more than you get what you give kinda thing. Karma is funny. I think it's kinda bullshit. It's like a garden where you plant carrots n you tend to them and water them and they are beautiful but just before you go to pick them a rabbit comes and eats them So what should happen to the bunny? does that mean he deserves to be eaten?? hmm..