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Oaxaca cathedral, Mexico

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption is in Oaxaca de Juarez seated Our Lady of the Assumption. It began to be constructed in 1535 and was finished in 1733 after Earthquakes had set back and stopped construction.

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/470274386064962622/ Pinned by Kim:  This is a image of Zapotec ethnic group. It has 347,000 people in it. The zapotec ethnic group is very popu;ar, one of the most popular ethnic groups in Oaxacan.

Oaxaca is made up of 15 different ethnic groups. I think I would be the most comfortable with the the group Mixe (mee-hey) are very artistic with music and I love music.

Oaxaca, located in the southern state of the same name, is a breathtaking colonial city famous for its food, textiles and other artisanry, and its spectacular archeological sites, including Monte Alban and Mitla.

Much of the joy of a Oaxaca Mexico trip comes from simply strolling the downtown streets, sitting in a sidewalk cafe on the Zocalo, and soaking.

The people who live in Oaxaca now are the ancestors of the native Oaxaca. They have preserved many customs and the culture. The Oaxaca people have been around for thousands of years and it is amazing that their culture has also survived.

Oaxaca is the most diversified state in Mexico. The Indigenous population has sixteen ethnic groups, 22 languages and 150 dialects. On January they celebrate something called the feast of the three kings where people share food and gifts with each other

This gigantic tree in El tule. Oaxaca, Mexico is bigger than a house or two!

This gigantic tree in El tule. Oaxaca, Mexico is bigger than a house or two!