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Here are links to some brain break videos that are good for older elementary kids.

privacy / testing stations  - 2 folders stapled together. reinforced with decorative duct tape. Add nondistracting motivational signs.

Testing Motivators!

Privacy / testing stations - 2 folders stapled together. Reinforced with decorative duct tape. Add non-distracting motivational signs.

Love and logic solution statements for the classroom and the home.

Love & Logic: Change the wording of what you ask the kids to do and become more effective. It's all perspective. Change accusatory you statements, into action-packed I-statements Angela's school had a training session for Love and Logic

** BEST SELLER** Learning about the brain and creating self awareness - great for class management!

Mindful Classroom Management Social and Emotional Learning

Mindful Brains Mindful Hearts pages) - By teaching self awareness and compassion students become more independent and classroom management becomes easier. Mindful Hearts Mindful Brains is easy to implement and students love it!

Warning for students who are being disruptive--put this card on their desk as a way to (hopefully) redirect their behavior, without having to say a word!

Copy 10 of these, laminate, cut out, carry some in your pocket. If a student is off task or disrupting, lay one on the desk. Later the student should return it to you with an explanation or a promise. Such an easy re-direct.

"Quotes" for Teachers - updates routinely, classroom friendly quotes

I'm always looking for thought-provoking quote for student response. This is a great bank of appropriate quotes for kids