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Tsukemono / Hakusai no Shiozuke / Japanese Pickled Cabbage

Tsukemono (say "TSKEH-mohnoh" never "TSOOkeh-mohnoh"... just think of the "su" part as being whispered instead of spoken) means "pickled things" and includes a great variety of Japanese pickle, both fruit and vegetable types. This Instructable is about one of the most basic, called "Hakusai no Shiozuke" or "Napa Cabbage Salt Pickle".Once you feel comfortable doing this, you can try endless variations, with seaweed, scallions, peppers, garlic, fish sauce or broth... in many ways, depending…

Layer and salt

Fermented cabbage....

Ignore the picture. IKURA no Shiozuke. How to prepare salted salmon roe. One of my very favorite rare treats.