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This Renaissance painter made insanely detailed portraits out of fruit, vegetables and fish

Historical Fine Oil Portraits on Crumpled Trash by Kim Alsbrooks

유 Still Life Brushstrokes 유 Nature Morte Painting by Ann Long | Still life with Parrot and Pomegranates

Giuseppe Arcimboldo, the 16th century Italian painter best known for creating portraits of heads made entirely of fruits, vegetables, flowers etc. such as his famous Vertumnus below ۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩ Gaby Féerie créateur de bijoux à thèmes en modèle unique ;➜ ۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩۞۩