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taichung village, taiwan.  almost everything in the village is painted.

I definitely need to go here next year! Rainbow Family Village (彩虹眷村) in Taichung, Taiwan was painted door to eave, house to house by an elderly man named of Haung Yung-Fu.

The Rainbow city of Taichung, Taiwan

rainbow village- taichung city’s chun an military dependents’ village, taiwan was transformed by huang yung-fu, a veteran in his mid who painted this once nondescript village into a vibrant tourist destination. photo by steve barringer

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Taichung : The hand painted village Taiwan Heart Of Asia

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"Rainbow Family Village (彩虹眷村) on the outskirts of suburban Taichung, Taiwan where street artist turned an old ordinary military dependents’ village into a beautiful and colorful Rainbow Family Village.

GRANDPA RAINBOW | RAINBOW FAMILY VILLAGE | TAICHUNG | Three years ago an 87 year-old military veteran known as “Grandpa Rainbow” (real name is Huang Yung-Fu) began painting the walls, doors, and ground of his small military dependents’ village, just outside of Taichung in Taiwan.

Discover Rainbow Family Village in Nantun District, Taiwan: Grandpa Rainbow felt the neighborhood needed some color, so he picked up a paintbrush and went to work.

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Taiwan's Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村) is a small ‘village’ comprising of about small houses. These were houses given to war veterans in gratitude of their service.

Taichung's Rainbow Village (Taiwan)

Taichung's Rainbow Village (Taiwan)

Rainbow Village, Taichung

Colorful Taiwan – Taichung’s Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village, Taichung

Rainbow Military Dependents Village in Taipei

One of the World's Most Colorful Places Is in Taiwan Rainbow Family Village shows there's nothing a man with a paintbrush can't do. Rainbow Family Village shows there's nothing a man with a paintbrush can't do

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Abandoned Taiwanese Military Barracks Transformed into Rainbow Village in Taichung, Taiwan Photo credit: Poemas del río Wang