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Henry VIII's rosary. This rosary owned by Henry VIII, consists of a ring from which hangs a cross, ten Ave beads, and a large bead for Pater Noster. It has been richly carved throughout and the Pater bead is hinged, with two biblical scenes carved inside. The royal arms are carved in the Pater bead. On one side of the cross are Christ and the four Evangelists; one the other, the four Latin Fathers; while the beads are carved with the Apostles, Sentences of the Creed, Prophets and Sybils…

JFK mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer, wife of CIA agent Cord Meyer, was murdered in 1964. Her death remains unsolved.

This beautiful lady was part of one of the hugest scandals in the Victorian Britain. Lady Mourdant was accused in 1870 of adultery, the jugde said she was insane ("Sex Crazy") and was sent to an asylum for the rest of her days (1906). Its said she was mistress of Edward, then prince of Wales, who was witness in the trial against her (tho it wasnt proved that he had more than an "innocent flirt" with her).

Susan Pelham-Clinton, Mistress of Edward VII from 1864 to until about 1871. She may have given birth to his child in 1871, but the child died and she died in 1875, without ever telling who the father was.

Portrait of a mistress: Album of King Edward VII's lover Lillie Langtry is uncovered after 135 years