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Loving the Wrong Person: Daily Afflictions: The Agony of Being Connected to Everything in the Universe - Andrew Boyd Favorite Quotes,inspire me,Quotes :),quotes to live by,

True.  Also applies to those who have not rectified a wrong even after apologizing b/c of their own pain/shame .... forgive them anyway?  Trying.  Hard. ~sh

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Forgiveness Unblocks your Blessings., Uplifting quote on forgiveness. Bible says when we forgive people we unblock the blessing so whenever some do mistake and dont apologies to you just forgive th…

M <3

So true, well if it seems that way then yes you have to give up, some people show caring different, but then some are just that, non caring & self absorbed.

Damn straight

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There Is Never a Good Time

There Is Never a Good Time (Live Life Happy)

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The Gods have a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand their wisdom, but we simply have to have faith.

Tis is true

Some people create their own storms (drama) and then get mad (crazy) when it rains (get called out or made accountable). Live with what you create.

[Image] This was eye-opening for me. Escaping to the future keeps it a fantasy. We must focus on the present to make that future a reality.