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Atreides Ship.

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Arte e ilustraciones de Dune

Dune Atreides final by angelitoon

DUNE (1984, directed by David Lynch). Fans of Frank Herbert's books and of director Lynch hated it (Lynch himself hated it), as did critics and audiences. I'm one of the few who adore it beyond expression. It's an operatic-style fever dream on a massive scale, and it took me four viewings to understand the plot, but I never tire of getting lost in the vastness of its gorgeously rendered Messianic tale. It remains one of the best looking movies, especially on the spectacular blu-ray…

Dune - Map of Arakis, come for the spice, stay in a giant worm's belly

Steampunk Spaceship | dune steam sci fi steampunk spaceship design concept art atreides ...