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One to think on, from our good friends at We Fucking Love Atheism.

Imagine how many jobs programs, soup kitchens, VA benefits, homeless shelters, museums, schools, libraries, parks,and scientific research projects that could fund.

If all the money churches took in was used for humanitarian efforts it would be fine. buuuuut its not.

Let go...

Keep close those memories that increase your joy, faith and love . and simply let go of anything that holds you down.


When you stop trying to change others and work on.changing yourself, your world changes for the better.


This pin concerns religion, but it applies to Trump supporters just as well. The man sold his voters a little magic pill, and many of them still believe it's working.

Study the true ways of God now - www.magnificatmealmovement.com

for those too lazy to question and seriously investigate.

Don't believe everything you think.  Seek out real and satisfying answers for yourself.

My faith crisis has made me a better person. It's okay to question things.