Garden zones - what you need to know & what you can ignore

Garden zones - what you need to know & what you can ignore

White garden plants & inspiration a year later. See how my garden design has taken shape, the plants have grown & my plans for a white garden have unfurled.

How and When To Prune Your Gardenias

Pruning Gardenias - Tips For When And How To Prune A Gardenia

Gardenias will set their flower buds for the next year in the fall. So pruning in the summer will allow you to cut back some of the older wood without risking cutting away newly set buds.

~~Blue On Blue Clematis by Dave Bosse~~

Blue On Blue by Dave Bosse - Blue On Blue Photograph - Blue On Blue Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

The gardenia is native to China and Japan. Hardy to zone 7, it’s valued not only for its wonderful fragrance but also for its elegant long-blooming waxy white flowers and thick glossy evergreen leaves.

The Most Fragrant Shrubs - Types of Shrubs

Gardenia jasminoides

Taking care of gardenia plants requires a lot of work, as they are quite finicky when their growing requirements are not met. This includes fertilizing gardenias. which you can find tips for here.


Carnival of color: 30 of the most incredible multi-colored flowers in the world

Some folks think succulent plants are boring; check out the Echeveria flowers - Lovely !



sky blue delphinium

Light Blue Delphinium one of the flowers found at "Mulberry's florist." "There were flowers; delphiniums, sweet peas, bunches of lilac;

Resultado de imagem para blue and yellow hydrangeas

Resultado de imagem para blue and yellow hydrangeas

Orquídea  do Panamá. Conhecida como flor do espírito  Santo.

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