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love the oxymoron..

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This is perhaps, the world's most glamorous graveyard. The Las Vegas Neon Museum hosts some of the most extravagant decayed neon signs of .

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A typographic junkyard or jackpot? This place - the Las Vegas Neon Museum - will leave any design-nut breathless. The Las Vegas Neon Museum is a collection of over 150 retired neon signs that once added to the glitz of that infamous city in the.

from the Neon Boneyard... for visitor info see: http://www.neonmuseum.org/the-collection/neon-boneyard    would like to check this out for sure, but seems kinda pricey... :l

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design is mine : isn't it lovely?

to describe just how impressive, inspiring, and enjoyable XOXO was.

Typography  Citrus. Do you know www.kidimo.com ?

Typography - Citrus. Do you know www.kidimo.com ?...

bluebird truck stop, atlanta, ga • not there anymore(sign still is though), first time I drove into Atlanta I went here - not big enough to cuss a cat in and hard to get back out of

Atlanta 1993 : Blue Bird Truck Stop- Love truck stops. Without trucks, we'd never get our stuff to the stores. Hug a trucker today:)

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Take pictures in the neon graveyard in Las Vegas! This is where all the old neon signs retire.you have to make an appointment if you want to take photos!