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Never had twinkys @Annie Rademacher But they l think they look delicious!! We totally should make them!

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Friends

Make Twinkie minions in the package. Print out overalls and googles to glue on. Draw mouth and hair with marker. Oh, MY!!

Deep-Fried Twinkies

Twinkies might seem like enough of a treat, but this recipe calls for deep frying the cream-filled snack with batter and eating it like a popsicle. To sweeten the deal, there's a recipe for berry sauce, too.

Minion Birthday Party with Free Printables

Minion Birthday Party - Games, food, and activities for a minion birthday party. Includes FREE printables!

How to Make Twinkies from Scratch

iClassic Snacks Made from Scratch/i Twinkies. Our kids will know what Twinkies are in the future!!!