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My mom loved elephants, and would have loved living in this if only his trunk were up.
Lucy is the world's largest elephant, and the only one in America designated as a National Historic Landmark. Built in 1881 and located in Margate City
Lucy the Elephant New Jersey. This aerial, mid-range photo is unusual. No, it's not IN Pennsylvania, but "down the shore" is right next door.
"Perched seaside in Margate, NJ, Lucy the Elephant has been a permanent landmark for well over 100 years. Lucy has served as both a restaurant and a house, but is now only open for visitors and tours. According to some, Lucy was used to signal ships to shore during times of Prohibition by changing the color of the lights in her eyes." I've never said this before, but I want to go to NJ.
Easy to describe your house if you lived here... Yup, Just drop me off at the elephant on the corner.
Real Estate speculator James V. Lafferty began building Lucy the Elephant in 1881, in an effort to lure the potential property buyers to Margate, a tiny shore town just south of Atlantic City.  1966 locals, who had long rallied to save the infamous pachyderm, succeeded in getting the state to certify Lucy the Elephant as a landmark. Federal authorities soon followed suit and she became a nationally protected site as well. In 1970 she was moved, repainted & repaired, and today houses a…
Lucy the Elephant in Margate, NJ
this elephant thingy in New Jersey, i think its called Lucy, lol I went to it when i was like ten