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Andy Warhol’s ‘Banana’. This banana became one of the most recognised pieces of Pop Art. This banana was made to be the cover for the debut album of the band ‘The Velvet Underground’, whom Warhol became the manager of in

Andy Warhol's Pop Art Exhibition at Palazzo Reale

Andy Warhol's Pop Art Exhibition at Palazzo Reale

This iconic Andy Warhol image is used on the cover of the Velvet Underground's first album.

250 Marine Decour - Référent - Etonnant

25 Excellent Negative Space Artworks For Inspiration - Autumns Fall Design of a giraffe falling apart and becoming autumn leaves.

Moire-dibujos de animales Andrea Minini (revista de Internet ETODAY)

Whales Baleine New Animals Drawn with Moiré Patterns by Andrea Minini posters and prints pattern illustration animals

Eyvind Earle heres another of my favorites-worked for Disney-sleeping beauty for 1

Eyvind Earle American artist and illustrator. This reminds me of the river scene in Pocahontas

Andy Warhol" "Eye", 1982 Print

Eyes drawings - Andy Warhol American Four Row Eyes 1982 Eye 1982 Untitled Eyes Untitled Eye Eyes , Idea Book

Overallcompositie Bij dit kunstwerk is er geen aandachtscentrum. Er is een gelijkmatige verdeling van de beeldelementen.

Gerard Malanga's 1968 Andy Warhol forgery of Che Guevara. Guerrillero Heroico (English: "Heroic Guerrilla Fighter") is an iconic photograph of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara taken by Alberto Korda.

Even Warhol knew that a lobster is a work of art. #JoesCrabShack #JoesMaineEvent

" Andy Warhol: Lobster, --- No, no, no-- a thousand times "NO!" That's a Maine lobster, as everyone knows by dem dere big claws.

Andy Warhol. Eggs.

Eggs, 1982 (multi) by Andy Warhol - art print from King & McGaw

marilyn art - Google Search

Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe Pink oil painting for sale; Select your favorite Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe Pink painting on canvas or frame at discount price.