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Maui, Sweetest cat ever!

I adopted a Humane Society kitten 53 years ago. Named her "Delilah" and this looks just like her but Dee had longer hair. She was the sweetest cat ever!

Even the sweetest cat might nip or bite if the occasion arises. The reasons for this behavior make sense to the cat though it may seem un...

Pawdon Me- Shorty, the sweetest cat in the world, demands petting in the politest way. Cats are the best, aren't they?

BLUE A0676569. A volunteer writes: The sweetest cats at the Care Center are often the ones who arrive under the most heartbreaking circumstances. That’s the case with Blue, a wonderful gentleman who was adopted several years ago and is now back in the cat adoption room, having been abandoned in an apartment lobby inside a pet carrier. Luckily someone in the building found Blue, and now he’s bunking with us again, winning over every staffer and volunteer with his friendliness and gentle ways…

Uneekee The Sweetest Apples Dog Pillow Luxury Dog / Cat Pet Bed

Today I say goodbye to my oldest friend. Laziest and sweetest cat Ive ever met.

ARC's Peanut - http://dailyfunnypets.com/videos/cats/arcs-peanut/ - One of the sweetest cats I've ever met. She found her forever home this year. I miss her but I'm so happy for her. - (animal), animals, cat, cats, center, cute, funny, kill, kitten, kittens, kitty, meow, no, no-kill, pet, pets, refuge, sweet, talkative

As a first time cat owner I considered adopting a kitten but I decided to skip to the good part. Meet Lola she's 10 and the chillest sweetest cat I've ever met.

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