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It Wasn’t Meant to End Like This Art installation by Glue Society, presented at the Sculpture by the Sea festival in Aarhus in Denmark, is a.

Oh my gosh, I didn't read it first and I thought that's what it was!!  Grasshopper has no mercy>>>>same lol

Funny pictures about Giant Grasshopper Monster. Oh, and cool pics about Giant Grasshopper Monster. Also, Giant Grasshopper Monster photos.


She asked for "Frozen" gifts this Christmas. You have really funny parents, kiddo!

You only had one job fail

***So important to pay attention when creating IMF's!** 33 Examples Of "You Had One Job" Oh no, maybe this is trying to tell me these pop tarts will make me poop. Or maybe POOP IS INSIDE THE TARTS!

OMG I read this in my head in David Attenborough's voice and know I cant breath

After skidding bus off the road into a river. And here is the wild bus drinking water from river.

LMAO!! Every. Single. Time. BAHAHAHA!!!

The 19 Stages Of Your Phone’s Battery Life this just made me laugh out loud! charga is spelled wrong. It should be charger

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'You had one job' collection all these things bother me!