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Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie (Jeeves & Wooster)

Stephen Fry... I love this man.

Let this be inspiration for all of you who are too self-conscious to walk outside in that tuxedo so you can ride your moped to the local Walmart. Just do you, 'cause HATERS GONNA HATE.

Gracie Allen and George Burns married 38 years

Gracie Allen and George Burns in Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen is of the funniest women I have ever had the joy of watching.

“Love is the only thing that we can carry with us when we go, and it makes the end so easy.” – Louisa May Alcott

Little Women, 1994 with Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder, Trini Alvarado, Kirsten Dunst & Claire Danes.


P Robin Williams A very Funny actor Died He was struggling with Depression and Decided Suicide I am guessing was the best way. He Will always be Remembered As a Funny actor and We will Always Love I'm sorry It ended this way

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Jeeves and Wooster

An entry from smatterings of an aesthetic

Fry & Laurie:: another top 5 comedy duo Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie

Yes.....lost it...... (gif)

you can't get too much of this gif. Literally one of the sexiest things and it's a man in a scarf. OH lord save me

Fry and Laurie. Love Bertie & Jeeves - Big Wodehouse fan!


Jeeves and Wooster- Fry & Laurie

Sherlock Holmes - Edinburgh // THIS GUY HAS THE SAME NAME AS THE GUY I HATE. Therefore I hate him too. And I hate his statue.

An over-life-sized statue of Sherlock Holmes posed in meditation at the news of the death of his author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stands opposite his birthplace, Picardy Place, Edinburgh, Scotland.

a young Humphrey Bogart

1930s Men's Hairstyles in Pictures: Clark Gable, Fred Astaire + More

A young Humphrey Bogart in his in the (I’m guessing – he was born in Bogart’s movie career didn’t take-off until he was in .

The Beatles

The Beatles

Sue Perkins

Sue Perkins (Murray Edwards/ New Hall)

All Creatures Great and Small British TV show written by James Herriot

All Creatures Great and Small - British TV -loved the show and the books

... (Eliza Reed), Sarah Hough (Georgiana Reed, Adult) & Mia Wasikowska (Jane Eyre) - Jane Eyre (2011) #charlottebronte #caryfukunaga

... (Eliza Reed), Sarah Hough (Georgiana Reed, Adult) & Mia Wasikowska (Jane Eyre) - Jane Eyre (2011) #charlottebronte #caryfukunaga

Blackadder: Tony Robinson, Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Laurie

Blackadder goes Forth. Okay, in the last show of every Blackadder series they all die, that's a given. But this ending was heartbreaking.