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Virginalis Water Lily (c) 2009 Patty Hankins

When I headed up to Longwood Gardens recently in hopes of photographing water lilies, I expected to see mainly white water lilies, since those are the ones I’m nost familiar with.

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Do you know what is water lily?The Water Lily, also known as Nymphaeaceae or "water lily family", is a family of flowering plants and can b.

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Grandma used to bring hers into the basement for the winter in tubs.

Lotus (Water Lily) flowers.   ("fiore di loto.')

Lotus (Water Lily) flowers. ("fiore di loto.')

Sir Galahad - Night Blooming Lily - Blossoms of this Mr. Martin Randig 1965 hybrid are large and white, standing well out of the water. The leaves are shiny and round with undulating edges. They open late in the afternoon and stay open until noon the next day. The pure white blossoms are a welcome sight in the late afternoon when the day blooming water lilies are closed.

Sir Galahad Water Lily will add a special charm to any water garden pool with the pure white flowers!