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It never occurred to me as a child how obnoxiously preachy these books were.  Nor how annoying that the characters didn't have actual names.
Healthy Food, Junk Food - Dental Health lesson for preschool
Monkey Bread Bites!  Bites size and cinnamon fantastic :)
How to communicate effectively online? This was the topic of our 8 March event in Gdansk. Learn more about effective online communication.
Monkey Business! What a funny idea maybe using runts would this easier
Kid-Friendly Trail-Mix from: Stop Lookin' Get Cookin'
Overnight Chocolate Chip-Toffee Monkey Bread | 24 Monkey Bread Recipes That Want You To Rip Them Apart
€24 Mountain Spice Shakers! Set of 4 glass spice containers. Two sizes (2 big and 2 small) to fit different spices. Removable shaker top for convenient spice filling. Fits most spice racks.
After being changed by the neck and fed a diet consisting of ‘junk food and fizzy drinks’, Pingky the orangutan was rescued and set free by the International Animal Rescue Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. And now, after rehabilitation that lasted years within the center, Pingky was determined to be suitable for release into the wild. In the photos below, which millions have been touched by on social media, you can see Pingky’s transition from a chained slave surrounded by plastic bottles and…
Monkey Business Sundaes
Monkey Business | Bestsellers | Lasso bottle holder.  This is the coolest thing!
Monkey Business
An animal theme can really get things swinging at a kids birthday party. Indulge your childs penchant for monkey business with a fanciful banana cake with chocolate buttercream icing shaped and decorated to look like a curious friend.
Small Kitchen Storage Ideas :: Freckled Laundry (Jami)'s clipboard on Hometalk :: Hometalk