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LONDON, ENGLAND   l   Arthur Conan Doyle's beloved detective is the subject of The Sherlock Holmes Museum, 221B Baker Street, London.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum, Baker Street, London. When living in London for a short time. I made sure I made time to go to Baker Street to see Sherlocks abode! It was interesting but this Sherlock Museum across the street was very entertaining a

Magnet  221B  Baker Street  Sherlock Holmes BBC by RebelYouthGraphics, $3.00

This is an iconic door as it leads into Sherlock Holmes's house which is almost like a door which leads to his brain and that impression of us getting to know him makes him popular.

Sherlock Holmes Illustrated - The flat at 221 B Baker Street.

Making dolls house version of Sherlocks house Sherlock Holmes Illustrated - The flat at 221 B Baker Street.

Baker Street Tube Station With Sherlock Holmes London, England | travel | the Underground

Baker Street tube station with Sherlock Holmes. Many of London's tube stations illustrate the location on tiles found on the platforms - London -

221B Baker Street Victorian England

London: Baker Street, in Victorian England (Fictional address of Sherlock Holmes)

360° Panoramic Tour Around 221B Baker Street<<< I just made the must inhuman noise

Beautiful panorama of Sherlock's apartment. It is a flat. (sorry, i'm very particular about these things)

sherlock holmes  http://johnpirilloauthor.blogspot.com/  I'm currently writing about him.

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