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It's bout that time..........

go to hell carolina

This also applies when you attend ASL congregation. *facepalm*

Funny pictures about Scumbag Stomach. Oh, and cool pics about Scumbag Stomach. Also, Scumbag Stomach photos.

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I often wonder how I still have a full head of hair when there's a small chia pet in the tub after every shower. [Hair Loss during, after washing/shampooing, combing - I hate when that happens]

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ecard // again I am in public and cannot respond appropriately to our conversation // friends

Please do society a favor & stay ON your meds. It's tough enough dealing with your craziness when you're on them, let alone off.

Funny Confession Ecard: I lose track of how many times a day I'd like to turn to someone and say 'you can't seriously be this freaking stupid!

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I'm always disappointed when liar's pants don't actually catch on fire.

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Keep Calm and Carry On