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Why Beagles are Used for Pharmaceutical Testing and What You Can Do About It!

he Humane Society of the United States has noted a correlation between so-called breed popularity and puppy mills – breeds at the top of the list are those who are most likely to be found in puppy mills.

Ricky Gervais's photo: Can't we just do this test on the people who did it to these beautiful, innocent beagles?

Can This Technology End Animal Testing?

Scientists are developing technologies that are making animal testing obsolete. Among these groundbreaking technologies is the in vitro chemosynthetic liver, in non-scientific terms, a

BEAGLE FREEDOM PROJECT VIDEO: Heartbreaking and extremely heartwarming all at the same time. Maybe this video will move you not to buy products from companies that test on animals.

"Not only were such lethal tests conducted, but they were imported from China under the false pretense that they were going to be kept as pets. The Animal Quarantine & Certification Service Document (which is stamped by the the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experimentation on Animals – CPCSEA) mentioned that the beagles were “pets” and not “test subjects”