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Seriously love the Black on - http://goo.gl/I6q0SX

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The Black on Black suit/tux idea for groomsmen except with MAYBE bow tie--❤️ classy! Josh all black suit/tux but with white bow tie ❤️😍😊

It's not what you say, it's how you say it! I know we are often told to not judge a book by its cover, but if we're honest, it's done more often than not. How you are dressed says things about you, you may not want others to know! Lol...look at what you're wearing right now and ask, "what am I saying to people, without saying"? #fashion #swag #style #stylish #TagsForLikes.com #me #swagger #cute #photooftheday #jacket #hair #pants #shirt #instagood #handsome #cool #polo #swagg #guy #boy #boys…

White Blazer — White and Black Gingham Pocket Square — Black Chinos — Black Leather Belt — Black Dress Shirt — White and Black Polka Dot Scarf

5 New Ways To Wear A Suit : 3. Black-On-Black Lookbook Inspiration

We showcase new and modern ways you can wear your suits, from subbing out the blazer to the ideal shirt and tie replacements.

Groom Suit, honestly. I think I might want him to roll the sleeve up a bit!

Red tie & dark suit for Scar. This outfit looks cunning and clever, everything Scar embodies, with a hint of evil. You can't trust these dark colors in the shadows, and the red tie shows his lust for blood.