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This “Storytime” Art Is Nerdy Little Golden Book-Inspired Perfection

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Jan 26 2016: new still from farfarawaysite (sorry, pinterest is blocking the link)

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Agent Carter S02E10 - Hollywood Ending - Jarvis completely adorable

I love Jarvis' face when Peggy says "that won't be necessary" and then when Ana talks Peggy into Jarvis taking her Jarvis was eavesdropping and that absolutely adorable jump!

PEGGY'S HEADQUARTERS || Peggy Carter || by Roni Kvoras || Agent Carter T-Shirt Contest || #fanart

I was inspired to create something that would represent Peggy &could stand as her symbol while staying true to the show's values.

I Know My Worth || Peggy Carter || by Rotae Lupin || Agent Carter T-Shirt Contest || #fanart

In this design I chose a minimalistic style to emphasise the power of Agent Carter's words.

Peggy Carter

Peggy Carter + Fort Minor ~ Remember The Name<<< i love peggy and i love this song XD

I feel like that just completely describes Howard and Tony Stark.

Howard Stark, the first Mythbuster I Captain America :The First Avenger