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Genderless fashion is a big trend for this decade. More and more designers are mixing menswear and womenswear on the runway. Parents are doing the same thing to their child as well, instead princess dress to put on little girl, parents would more accept for super man t-shirt. Therefore, fahsion industry would start a new seperate system for not only runway but retail stores. There would not have "his" or "hers' only, but will add one more session of "their's". Ya-chen Chang

Those street style pictures taken of bloggers at fashion week and always end up looking like a professionally staged photo shoot. Their pictures are also taken by numerous street style photographers. The pictures circulate on social media, other blogs and websites. Ultimately, the photos even get published in magazines. Never has it been that easy for a fashion brand industries to receive some free endorsement. Jiayu Li.

Gaia Conceptions - OMG, eco-friendly clothing in my size that look awesome! A little pricey, but so groovy!

Couple years ago, 3D printed fashion just a word, but today, Karl Lagerfeld used the technology for the classic Chanel suit at Paris Fashion Week, and he said the idea is to take the most iconic jacket of the 20th century and make a 21st century version. We can see there would be more new technology used in fashion industry in the future.JYL.

With the rapid growth of technology, it is no surprise that this advancement is constantly incorporated into everything we do. Technology is not only changing the way we interact with people or our shopping behavior but it is also changing the processes in the fashion industry. In the future, technology may make many of the existing tools obsolete and also reduce the need for manpower in many industries. Jessica H

Style Ethics: Fashion Gets More Eco-Friendly With Runway To Green

The issue of global warming is a growing global issue and has caused a new movement within the fashion industry. Designers are creating collections through recycled fabrics and organic materials while companies are gradually integrating corporate social responsibility into its visions. This suggest that a shift towards eco-friendly fashion will be responsible for new innovations and techniques in the future that are aligned to the values and beliefs this fast growing movement. Jessica H.


6 (ETHICAL) STORES YOU'LL LOVE AS MUCH AS ZARA | Refinery29 just published an insanely-popular post--"6 Stores You'll Love as Much as Zara"--featuring fast-fashion brands fueled by slave labor. Here is my response. Because fashion should be empowering, not exploitative~

Plus-Size Garments Go High Fashion

An average American woman in this millennium is a size 14, giving rise to the expansion of the plus-size market. This increase in average size is a result to the change in culture and fast-paced lifestyle that we now live in. No longer shunned, many brands are now jumping onto the bandwagon by expanding their market to plus size consumers. From this, it can be said that the plus size fashion industry although relatively new, is expanding rapidly and creating a new market on its own.Jess H.