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Polaroid Dive-Rated Waterproof Camera Housing + Polaroid Floating Wrist Strap + Polaroid 5 Piece Camera Cleaning Kit + Polaroid Lenspen Lens Cleaner + Polaroid Super Blower For The Canon Powershot A4000 IS, A3400, A3300, A3200, A3100, A3000, A2400, A2300, A2200, A1200, A1100, A800, A495, A490, ELPH 530 HS, 520 HS, 510 HS, 500 HS, 320 HS, 310 HS, 300 HS, 100 HS, 110 HS, SD4000, SD3500, SD1400, SD1300, S95, SD940, SD960, SD970, SD980, SD1200, SD780, S100 Digital Cameras

Polaroid Dive-Rated Waterproof Camera Housing For The Nikon Coolpix L22, L24, L26, L28, S3100, S3000, S3100, S3300, S4000, S4100, S4300, S5100, S5200, S6000, S6100, S6200, S6300, S6400, S6500, S01, S80, S70, S220, S230, S620, S640 Digital Cameras - http://allgoodies.net/polaroid-dive-rated-waterproof-camera-housing-for-the-nikon-coolpix-l22-l24-l26-l28-s3100-s3000-s3100-s3300-s4000-s4100-s4300-s5100-s5200-s6000-s6100-s6200-s6300-s6400-s6500-s01-s8/

Park picnic wine table: It folds up and has a built in handle for carrying. Insert the pointed peg into the ground. Fold the table top over on its wooden hinge. Then, enjoy a nice bottle of wine without concern of where to set your wine bottle or tipping over your glasses. This solid oak table is 12 in diameter and has more than enough room for light snacks! Needs to be chilled somehow but its a start.

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