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Watch the birdie...

And just for fun. “Photograph taken in November, 1909 shows three members of the Payro family being “photographed” by their cat: Edmund, age Ernest, age and Cecilia, age 5 (via Retronaut) ”

vintage everyday: Funny Vintage Pictures of Cats, ca. 1911

1911 : Cat drinking from a bottle and looking through a telescope

I wish I knew the history of this photo...

Thought you couldn't tame Zebras?: Lord Walter Rothschild with his famed zebra carriage, which he drove to Buckingham Palace to demonstrate the tame character of Zebras to the public, early


Stark Photos That Grapple With the “Absurdity of Human Existence”

When Phaidon published Roger Ballen’s Outland in questions immediately arose about the stark black-and-white images of people living in marginali .


Three Women in Miami, Florida 1948 Note on back reads: "Taken Jan Miami, Fla - By the house.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley and the Wailers play soccer at a stadium in Brussels, during the Exodus Tour. Belgium, May 1977


4 Music-Loving Kitties Come To Listen To Street Singer Everyone Else Ignored - This Malaysian busker was about to call it day, as not many people gathered around to hear him sing. Just as he started to sing for fun, the cut.

Women protesting in their bathing suits eating pizza.

In early suffragettes often donned a bathing suit and ate pizza in large groups to annoy men.it was a custom at the time… (what really? I want to hang out with my girls in my bathing suit and eat pizza)

August 25th, it's going to probably look a little something like this :)

1945 - A staff sergeant kisses his lady as peace replaces war. The above signage at the "New Hope" train station in Pennsylvania says it all. Optimism and happiness caught by a snapshot in time.

Disneyland Employee Cafeteria, 1961

Disneyland Employee Cafeteria, 1961

4. “E.T. – Der Außerirdische“ – „E.T. – The Extraterrestrial“ (1982)

Ranking: Die zehn besten Filme von Steven Spielberg

Self Portraits Portfolio: As reclusive and private as Vivian Maier was, her self portrait photographs reveal a telling story. Thoughtfully posed, and often innovative, her self as a subject allows a depiction of her as she wants the world to see it.

We bring you a selection of 20 Black and White Self-Portraits by Vivian Maier. Vivian Maier - Self Portrait Vivian Maier - Self Portrait Vivian Maier - Self