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"AAHH" the two of them screamed while me and Vernon laughed

Lost Photo {Seventeen FanFic} #Wattys2017 - ❃ 65 ❃

HaaaaaaaHis Face

Gifs perversos- Seventeen♥

Why does this look like Seungkwan is going to trash talk and his friends are hid crew

All of the idols have died death by whatever those sparky thingies are called..

All of the idols have gone through death from whatever those sparkly thingies are called. ~~~~ I legit feel horrible but I just can't stop laughing 😂

seungcheol saved me

seungcheol saved me

Yo this stage messed me up. I was bias wrecked by Coups and idk what happened. Like I had my life together then this happened!

Oh mayghad!! JiHan just happen. Jun's face thou

hands down, cuz jihan happend. but the best part i guess is jun XD

S.Coups represantando as/os fãs quando elas/eles têm que estudar mas sai vídeo daquele grupo...(tipo BTS, Seventeen, EXO, AOA...vocês sabem do que estou falando)

Seventeen, vernon and woozi image on We Heart It

when you wanna take a selfie but your camera's on video mode... #he is srsly so cute  #s.coups

when you wanna take a selfie but your camera's on video mode. is srsly so…

Hoshi and Seungcheol ft. Chan dying in the bg and Jeonghan being jealous.

Gifs perversos- Seventeen♥

Soonyoung x Seungcheol (Hoshi, S.Coups) - cute Jisoo and channie are so adorable lol seungcheol is always so cuddly with all members (Jeonghan is so cute being jealous in the background)