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“It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope...

Escape from Duggarville: How playing the good Christian housewife almost killed me. "One of the first things Deb, my counselor, showed me was a “Power and Control Wheel.” As Deb went over each aspect of the Power & Control wheel, I began to realize that, yes, of course, all of these elements were present in my marriage;it’s just that we had different names for these things; we had a chapter and verse to teach us that power and control is actually good and godly."

Deb's NYC Doughnut Guide. My Favorite NY Doughnuts: People often ask me for local eating recommendations but I always dodge these questions because restaurant reviewing, dissecting & generally telling people where to spend their hard-earned money is so not my bag. But I’m going to do something uncharacteristic today & just outright admit my five favorite local places to indulge my doughnut habit because it would be a shame to have done as much hip-padding research as I have on the subject…

There is rarely a time where I see something that is not of interest on this blog. From quotes that do an amazing job of capturing my mood and life at any given moment to really cool inventions, this is a must read.

Deb's Caramel Corn. (From The Food Pusher: Sweet Things) This is the caramel pop corn recipe I always make, mine had a different name, but it's the same ingredients. So Good! Yum!

Just made a batch of these. Love pickles but it is impossible to find good ones in the store that are quality ingredients. http://www.wowyouarereallylucky.com/healthy-recipes/deb’s-healthy-recipe-zesty-bread-and-butter-pickles.htm

Love flat tall boots with jeans. Cute look. I would rather have heels, so I'll look taller.. Hehe,Haha, So Sad So True, yes Deb YOU said I would look Hot without heels. You could make me feel good about myself, you always did that for me... You Beautiful & Sweet & Loving & Caring & Wonderful & Amazing & Smart & Funny & Now You Our Beautiful Precious Angel In Heaven Watching Over Us, with so many of are Love <3 One's. Gosh Almighty Deb`s I LOVE <3 & MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!

Yesiree, Bob, it’s the THIRD Monday of the month. (those third Mondays always come so quickly, don’t they?! But that’s a good thing!) And the third Monday of the month only means ONE thing in these here parts and that is………. Yes, it’s the Secret Recipe Club. That group of people, otherwise known as food bloggers,... Read More »

Hidy Ho Stampers, I am having so much fun playing with all the new products in the 2014 Holiday Catalog. One of my favorite things is the NEW Tree Punch. Here is a way to use the punch …

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