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NK missile launch

The most awesome images on the Internet

This moment has happened way too many times in my life

13 Reasons Why Nice Guys Are The Worst

What if i told you you can learn your music at home and come to rehearsal prepared? - What If I Told You


Don't usually like Hey Girls, but this one made me laugh Hey girl - Teaching is hard.

More like a smear campaign

Prepare yourself - Brace yourself The "new year, new me" posts are coming

Probably the funniest chuck Norris joke ever

Funny Chuck Norris memes are as indestructible as the man himself! Here's some of the best Chuck Norris memes we've collected together.

made helpful comments on full set of rough drafts final papers identical to full set of rough drafts  Sad College Professor

It's a battle between the best of the Sad Professor Meme and Frustrated Professor Meme, as each mulls the challanges of teaching college students.

Man I miss the good old days! When I was a kid, we had great shows! Not these dumb ones you see on TV now :/

All That! I LOVED the original cast. After original cast members started leaving, the show was never the same

Best overall  -- Indie

Image detail for - harrison_ford_indy_indiana_jones_fedora_hat_leather_jacket.

staff meeting asking question....this is probably about me. lol

On the first day of school, instead of going over your classroom rules, why don't you just create some memes explaining your rules. A quick and memorable way for your students to connect with routi.