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Tourmaline Copper Ring Industrial Urban Rustic Modern Machine Blue Cerulean Sky White Artisan... alas, it's sold, by MidwestAlchemy...

Sometimes more is really better. "Circles" (stones, balls and dapped discs), are repeated to create unity. The bottom bangle is the one people seem to like the most. In my journal where I write instructions for class prep, I have underlined in large letters "Do not teach this". In other words, it was a pain in the patoot. Connie Fox.

Top 7 Jewelry Clasp Designs

Box Clasps: Box clasps are two-piece clasps that open when you push down on the exterior lever of a wedge-shaped piece of metal, compressing it so that it slides out of the opening. Push it back in and it clicks into place. Box clasps are easy to use, but often do not have as much strength as lobster claw clasps. Box clasps can be plain or decorative and you'll find them in a variety of shapes and sizes.

YAMR (Yet Another Magnet Ring). If only all rings were magnetized — it would make for some interesting storage options. This "stick with me" ring is by Dutch industrial designer Ramón Middelkoop.