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Why to use sunblock

6 Stages Of Tanning Yikes. This is why you should not use tanning beds. Get some natural vitamin d.

Sisters are always sincerely glad to hear from you. | 21 Times Sisters Ruled Tumblr Whole page is so funny!

21 Times Sisters Ruled Tumblr

Hahaha I laughed way too hard at this xD

I love Lucy and Lucille Ball. Hehe when I was little my gma always would remember how I'd used to say," Lucy, I'm home!) b/c she introduced me to I love Lucy:)

This incredible confusion.

33 Really Funny Tumblr Posts That Are What You Need Right Now

Yo I'm gonna start giving people the Cena phone number lol

Rejection hotline<<I'm calling some of these just for the heck of it. (Update: Sadly, the John Cena and Groot numbers don't work (for me). But the God of War does.

Wow, just wow. I am impressed by the laziness of this. I read this whole thing. Its so worth it. Omgoodness.

Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

Funny pictures about The Laziest Thing You've Ever Done. Oh, and cool pics about The Laziest Thing You've Ever Done. Also, The Laziest Thing You've Ever Done photos.

It would be me telling this story like it was from my point of view, and people would be like, "Aw..are you two still together?" and I would say, "Oh heck no. I was not her...I was watching from the window..."

I SHIP IT HARDCORE MAN U DONT UNDERSTAND<< at 13 my love life consisted of me and ken the barbie what is this. << at 13 I was in a serious relationship with my fridge and yeah. Aha x<--at 13 my love life was me and my bed