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I could do this.

Ladies, 7 Virtues that could make you “perfect” marriage material!

You're the most beautiful thing in these eyes of mine love cute quote beautiful glasses sweet beautiful quote

Life's too short to wear boring clothes. Definitely my motto when it comes to clothes!

Infographic | Keys to Keeping Healthy Eyes In A Digital World

CVS is not only for computer geeks!

take another sight!

"Everything is pretty simple. Just try a different way to watch." ~ It's all about perspective and how you look at differing ideas, values and opinions

boyfriend once told me if i died before him he will become the grumpy old guy from "UP" <3 they had true love

This is a sweet one. We went & saw this movie 1 week after my mom passed away. Cried my eyes out! I should have known someone would die in the movie.since it is a Disney movie. Haven't been able to see the movie since.

Answer these 25 relationship questions to test your compatibility with your partner and find out if you two are really made for each other or not.

I hope this is a glimpse of my wife and I in years to come.

I really do love seeing old couples in love. :) I want to be just like them when I grow up and fall in love. I want to live a long, romantic life with that future boy :)