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Baby dolphin inside the womb

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A slice of rock magnified and viewed under polarized light. Photo: Bernardo Cesare.

Polarized light micrograph of a thin section of rock just 30 micrometers thick called ocean jasper (photo credit Bernardo Cesare). This volcanic 'ocean jasper' is found only in Madagascar and is highly prized among collectors.


Stunning Photos Of Baby Animals In The Womb

For a National Geographic documentary, producer Peter Chinn used a combination of dimensional ultrasound scans, tiny cameras, and computer graphics to capture images of the baby animals in the womb.

Tropical Pitchers - Nepenthes sp.

Plants are amazing organisms. Plants may seem dull to some, but here …

If a bulldog would stay this small, I would have one tomorrow!

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ride on ’til sunset

"At Dawn.We Ride", 'Trotter Le Pup', a Handsome French Bulldog.

Callopsite...see them in SXM every day...Pelican Marina has 2 of them in a cage!

see them in SXM every day.Pelican Marina has 2 of them in a cage!

rainbow city lights

Pics Photos - New York City Night Lights Hd Desktop Wallpaper High Definition

El verdadero Amor

Romantic Dolphins ♥ That Is Love ! - Love Is Everything - Dolphins Giving Flowers - Living Only F - Funny Wild Animals Pictures

Golden Age of Dolphins - Angel Art Reiki Golden Dolphin Swirl Energy Art by primalpainter, $20.00

Angel Art, Yellow Gold Dolphin Print, Energy Swirl Decor "Golden Age of Dolphins"

Angel Art Reiki Golden Dolphin Swirl Energy Art Print 8 x 10 - Primal Painter

- * Baby Penguin in Egg * -

For “Extraordinary Animals in the Womb” documentary on National Geographic Channel, producer Peter Chinn used ultrasons’ scans and tiny camera

While skiers and snowboarders may have been fast asleep in their nice warm beds, a beautiful celestial light appeared above. In this composite image, the Milky Way appears above one of the highest ski areas in North America - Arapahoe Basin, west of Denver, Colorado. http://on.fb.me/KtjtRL

Starlight Mountain Ski Hill, Arapahoe Basin, west of Denver, Colorado. Arapahoe Basin is an alpine ski area in the Rocky Mountains, in the White River National Forest of Colorado.

Victor Leshyk

Victor O.


Na palma da mão

A handful of little baby birds. This is how nature says "place food here".