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The #dreaded #FriendZone #LetsGetWordy

Girl prays for a man who understands her needs and makes her feel special. God already sent her a man. She friend-zoned him.

When Prince George is not amused, he's not afraid to show it. And it's hilarious.

27 Unimpressed Prince George Faces That Will Crack You Up

popsugar: All the Times Prince George was Unimpressed. Amazing pictures for Duchess Kate and her husband Prince William with their son Prince George.

Bill Murray's a badass and all, but I'm really just pinning this so I can make a "polite as fuck" tee.

Bill Murray is the real "Most Interesting Man In The World." Bill Fucking Murray ladies and gentleman.

Obviously not the Blackhawks but this is still hilarious!

Funny pictures about Hockey step by step. Oh, and cool pics about Hockey step by step. Also, Hockey step by step.

Caution: u see this coz I post this

Caution: u see this coz I post this

Hilarious road signs, sad that they had to be made for stupid people

I am so close to tears rn that's flat out freaky!!!!

Now thanks to a friend when I hear the du dum du dum I think of something else tho ;

Alterungsprozess in Asien | isnichwahr.de

Alterungsprozess in Asien

Funny pictures about Asians vs. Oh, and cool pics about Asians vs. Also, Asians vs.