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hahahahaha and he eventually did give him some points with that safety in the last few minutes

This Sunday we have an opportunity for missional living in community with others. We can come alongside others and learn laugh celebrate pray and share life. We can live on mission throughout the week wherever we go. We have an opportunity for missional living this Sunday as we gather in our homes to watch the Super Bowl. Will you invite a friend into your community this Sunday? Jesus told his disciples As the father has sent me even so I am sending you. We take this charge very seriously…

Beyonce wants unflattering pics from super bowl performance removed..ha..you'd think by now after all these years of performing she would know what type of faces she makes that will ensure that she would either be envied for her ability to still look beautiful despite performing or that she would be made fun of...like what I'm doing now!

Ok, I have to stress, that this is meant for this year's Superbowl game ONLY! I am a die hard Patriots fan and am not being a sore loser at all, BUT, lol....this is so true for tomorrow's game. I hate the Panther's as I feel they are way too cocky, and as for Denver, well it's a personally thing. Therefore I shall sit back, and hopefully enjoy an exciting game without a care in the world of the outcome . I do have to admit that I am excited to see Coldplay during half time. Should be…

I wonder if the jersey can be green bay packers >:))........ and the sign can be the Chicago bears

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