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Funny monkey

Don’t sit around the house . Get out and enjoy nature! never mind, let’s just go back inside .

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OMG WTF knock first. Funny cat with great caption. Hilarious captions of funniest, cutest and stupidest animals. More pictures of catz, dogz and other funny animals added daily.

Bowling <3

I love bowling. Bowling is the ideal sport. It's basically an hour of drinking beer occasionally interrupted by six seconds of exercise.

The never ending animosity between sprinters and long distance runners. | 25 Things Only Track And Field Runners Can Understand

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I laughed way too much at this

Funny pictures about Interpreting airline safety guidelines. Oh, and cool pics about Interpreting airline safety guidelines. Also, Interpreting airline safety guidelines photos.

O noooooo, I must have one!  It's so cute I'm gonna die!! Baby puss in boots!!

It's so cute I'm gonna die. real life puss in boots

Hahaha my type of to-do list x)

Make to do list. Check off first thing on to do list. Realize you've already accomplished 2 things. Reward yourself with nap (in progress)


I feel like this every time I go out in public. "Why are all these people here? There's too many people on this Earth. We need a new plague." - The Office

hunting meme | the hunter and the bear, soon pictures

Funny pictures about Very bad idea. Oh, and cool pics about Very bad idea. Also, Very bad idea photos.

Don't say a word.

"Oh no he didnt, Uh-oh she is really mad now" LOL! (Baby monkeys look on as mother chases food thief away. Photo by: Chris Norfolk.

this is exactly like my mother's dog. oh, but i love him so much :)

You fell down. Would licking help?

Funny pictures about You fell down. Oh, and cool pics about You fell down. Also, You fell down.