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Sea Urchin, Channel Islands Photograph by Lindsey Hesla, My Shot Sea urchins brandish their spines on the seafloor near the Channel Islands. Scientists recently discovered that the eyeless invertebrates “see” by detecting light with their spines.

Ririkaクイリング教室の中級クラスのキット、夏らしいキットが出来ました の画像|Ririka的クイリング生活

Ririkaクイリング教室の中級クラスのキット、夏らしいキットが出来ました の画像|Ririka的クイリング生活

Wobbegong shark – Some of the most interesting and fascinating creatures found in ocean, sharks are actually of over 400 species and people only know a few of them. Only few people are aware of the existence of wobbegong shark.

Wobbegong Shark: Meet the Lazy Yet Unique Carpet of Ocean

*ANGLER FISH ~ deep sea angler - Once you get really deep, the ocean has such incredible wonders. The Angler fish is the boss of the deep sea.

Neon Purple Blue Green Abstract Sea Life Painting by monalisy, $140.00

Items similar to Neon Purple Blue Green Abstract Sea Life Painting on Etsy

School of Raccoon Butterflyfish along Coral Reef off Big Island of Hawaii

Orange and yellow coral. Actually, I think there are little yellow starfish on red fan coral?

Mermaid Paper Dolls - Click Image to Close

Mermaid Paper Dolls : Paper Dolls of Classic Stars, Vintage Fashion and Nostalgic Characters, for Kids and Collectors

Sea Turtle kc bake stand 2 -- by The Cake Pop/Shop -- on RoseBaes.com -- 6-24-16

May Who Takes the Cake? Winner: The Cake Pop Shop

May Who Takes the Cake? Winner: The Cake Pop Shop by Jennie from Jacksonville, Florida. Her cake pops are incredible - click over to see!


Porcelain pieces inspired by the texture of shells and sea creatures. I really like the texture on these pieces and I think that I'd like to include a textural element in my pieces. I will do this by pressing shells into my porcelain pieces.