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You're (Not) Out!: Think about what campers are going to do when they get “out” while playing a game (like joining another game OR ???)

If you read my article on running fielding practices that work you know practices are all about maximizing reps if you want to improve and make it to

Cultivate Courage in Youths http://growingleaders.com/blog/how-to-cultivate-courage-in-students/

10 Steps to Cultivate Courage in Students; perfect for our SALT program

Softball Drills: Backhand Fielding Drill

Softball Drills: Backhand Fielding Drill You need to practice back hand drills just in case you can't square up on a ball hit to you

As a softball coach, your job is to teach your players the subtle strategies of the game, proper technique and to help them perfect their skills. One of your many challenges is to keep your players motivated and engaged during practice. What may help is to run a variety of fun, team drills. To get the most out of players, split the practice into...

Fun Softball Team Drills

Fast-pitch softball enjoys booming popularity among girls at the high school level, while slow-pitch adult leagues can be found virtually everywhere in the.