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Pigeons are among the birds targeted by gunmen

Sussex Police are hunting a gunman they believe is responsible for a string of animal shootings across Sussex

baby pigeon pictures

About Mommy and Daddy Pigeon and Baby Pigeons (2-4 days)

Ever notice how you never see baby pigeons around? That's because they spend up to TWO MONTHS in the nest! That's way longer than the average baby birds which stay for only 2 to 3 weeks.

I think those might be True Summer pink and green in there too.

Kesykyyhky - Rock Dove - Columba livia or a rat with wings

Chinese magnate pays world record $328k for pigeon at ...

That's a pricey pigeon! Chinese magnate pays world record $328,000 for bird at international auction

City announces plans to get rid of pesky pigeons by getting them drunk A Ukrainian city blighted by pesky pigeons is mulling over radical plans to get the birds drunk on wine before deporting them.

Frillback pigeon has curly feathers.

Curly Coat and Rex Animals.

The Frillback is a breed of Fancy Pigeon developed over many years of selective breeding.

Loving Pigeon Couple Take A Relaxing Bath Together

Loving Pigeon Couple Take A Relaxing Bath Together


pigeon by junichi kimura


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Rock Pigeon: Was thinking about my mom and two of these flew overhead. A nice coincidence, she kept a flock of them for years.

antonios mitsopoulos

Pigeon by Antonios Mitsopoulos

Niños y adultos mayores principales víctimas de enfermedades a causa de palomas

Love those white pigeons.

Victoria pigeon & chick

On June a pair of Victoria Crowned Pigeons, Violet & Ozzy, hatched a healthy chick for the first time at Colchester Zoo. The chick was first seen with its head peering out of the nest by keepers on the.

Spotted at Afton Grove - African Speckled Pigeon

Spotted at Afton Grove - African Speckled Pigeon

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New Zealand Wood Pigeon ~ Kereru

Rock Dove

Rock Dove

Rock Pigeon | birdinginformation.

Rock Pigeon | birdinginformation.