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He deserves a beat down in the worst way, and then have people tell him that his pain is all in his head, and to go see a therapist.

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When will I ever get to see these amazing men again??? I miss them so much!!!!

"The world doesn't need anymore hate. It needs less hate. Even better, no hate. Imagine that!!" - Betty DeGeneres, LGBT Ally & Activist, mother of Ellen DeGeneres

Even though I wear duct tape … I refuse to let my voice be silenced … I am Gay . It is as simple as that. I posed for the NOH8 Campaign as a way to express myself without words. I guess I am tired of explaining. Tired of people trying to figure “ it ” out. Growing up in a very strict catholic house hold, “ it ” was not something talked about. “It” was not expectable... CLICK TO READ MORE

I've wanted to be a part of the NOH8 Campaign since the first time I read about it. Not only have I overcome bullying in school growing up, but I've also been in an almost 10 year committed relationship with my boyfriend and we are not legally able to marry in our home state. Even though we are accepted by our families and local community, we still feel a sense of "bullying"... CLICK TO READ MORE

Since the NOH8 Campaign had been something that we'd both followed for a while we decided that it was something that we wanted to do together. We wanted to show our support together and celebrate the fall of DADT . CLICK TO READ MORE