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Carnaval 2012!  Ponce, PR

Carnaval 2012! Ponce, PR

Playa De Ponce | Carnaval Playa de Ponce Desfille de Reinas

Everything You Need to Know About the Ponce Carnival in Puerto Rico

Celebrants wear scary masks at a carnival in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Playa De Ponce | Desfile de Reinas Carnaval de Playa de Ponce 2008

Vejigantes at the Fiesta de Santiago Ap+¦stol (Saint James Festival) -A…

(43) Carnaval de Ponce 2015 - YouTube

The tradition of Vejigantes has been celebrated in Ponce, P. for more than 300 years. Miguel Caraballo is one of it's most famous artisans.

Another style of mask - these are used in the Carnival in Ponce.

Playa De Ponce | Reinas en Desfile Carnaval Playa de Ponce

Carnaval Queen and Princess

Carnaval Queen and Princess

Carnival | Ponce | Puerto Rico copy

Playa De Ponce | Reina Juvenil e Infantil Carnaval Playa de Ponce 2010