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No one wants to quit

Certanily never ever quitting - and why anonymous? Everyone can know I'm a bookaholic ;

"Cutting libraries in a recession is like cutting hospitals in a plague."

Quote: Cutting libraries in a recession is like cutting hospitals in a plague - Eleanor Crumblehulme, library administrator at the University of British Columbia.


*Melinda - Love this reading corner wall quote* Children are made readers in the lap of their parents, Emilie Buchwald- nursery art, kids art, BOOK PAGE

Love it ❤. yes and highlight it!!

19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand. There is so much truth in this post that it almost hurts lol. And I thought I was the only one who did this haha


You know you're a bookworm when. Your house is one book away from being considered a library.

Chocolate also helps :)

The perfect date: take me to a bookstore, give me your credit card, and let me loose! You don't even have to buy me dinner!

THG: when Peeta strangled Katniss, when Prim & Cinna & Finnick died, when Cato & Clove died (cause District2 represent), when Gale and Katniss kissed, when Peeta went crazy and the list just keeps going on and on

I was sitting on a comfy chair alone in my living room when i read Dumbledore died. I started crying and had to set the book down for a moment. My dad walked by and saw me crying and asked what was wrong. I blubbered Dumbledore died. He couldnt