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Schizandra is a medicinal berry that has been used for thousands of years for its exceptional health promoting benefits. Schizandra berries contain.

Hawthorne Berry, part of the rose family, is a great cardiovascular system ally. It dilates coronary arteries, improves oxygenation and energy metabolism in the heart, and decreases lactic acid, the waste product of exertion that causes heart muscle pain. . We use it daily but it should be noted that after about 6 months, one should take a break to rest the system.

HAWTHORN ~ This herb is used in treating angina, irregular heartbeat, and Raynaud's disease and many other uses.

Iodine | Eating Well

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Bok Choy is a green superfood that is extremely healthy and a great addition to many recipes. There are 3 main health benefits of bok choy for better health and weight loss. http://superfoodprofiles.com/bok-choy-health-benefits

3 Ways Bok Choy Benefits Your Health & Helps You Lose Weight

Bok Choy is an extremely healthy superfood and a great addition to many recipes. Here are 3 powerful benefits of bok choy for better health and weight loss

健康にまつわる情報を発信するメディア「Simple Organic Life」で、最新のヘルシードリンクが紹介されました。なんでも、あらゆる種類の痛みを和らげる効果が期待できるとか。効能が広すぎて「眉唾もの?」と疑ってしまいますが、材料を見れば一目瞭然。まさに“身体が欲するドリンク”と納得のいく組み合わせです。ただし材料から想像するに、味のほうは…。とにかく、試す価値アリです!どんな痛みにも...


健康にまつわる情報を発信するメディア「Simple Organic Life」で、最新のヘルシードリンクが紹介されました。なんでも、あらゆる種類の痛みを和らげる効果が期待できるとか。効能が広すぎて「眉唾もの?」と疑ってしまいますが、材料を見れば一目瞭然。まさに“身体が欲するドリンク”と納得のいく組み合わせです。ただし材料から想像するに、味のほうは…。とにかく、試す価値アリです!どんな痛みにも...

Anxiety is an at times crippling disease that can affect our lives dramatically. It has a horrible mental and physical effect on us and our bodies. Sometimes it is tempting to just reach for a bottle of pills and just hope that It all goes away, which is what most doctors recommend. This can lead to drug abuse or many other severe side effects; nobody needs those toxic chemical filled pills in their lives! Try natural remedies instead; talk therapy is very effective, breath therapy, and…

Anxiety can affect our lives dramatically. It effects the body mentally and physically. Most doctors prescribe conventional anti-anxiety medications that increase.

Turmeric Tea Turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory and this golden turmeric tea is sure to help heal your body from a number of health conditions.

Turmeric Tea

Turmeric Tea is one of my favorite comfort drinks and it is so good for you. Turmeric is great for inflammation and this Turmeric Tea recipe by Dr Josh Axe.

Probiotic Foods in your thyroid diet

Probiotic Foods in your thyroid diet. Importance of digestive health for underactive thyroid symptoms.

Elderberry tea

Homemade Elderberry tea to stay well this winter! Buy elderberries at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Reishi, or Ling Zhi as it is commonly known is a very powerful herbal medicine that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine from time immemorial.

This reishi mushroom is known for its near miraculous properties in curing various diseases and has become widely accepted by most Western practitioners as well

10 Unbelievable Reasons to Eat Mango

Eat One Slice of Mango and These 10 Things Will Happen to You

Dr. Jockers/Angel article on toxic beauty products

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Fish, yogurt and whole grains are all foods that can help you get a good night’s sleep!

Foods for Sleep . Having a hard time sleeping? Adding these 9 foods to your diet may help to increase your odds of a successful slumber