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AlexStandiford,  Tusc county, Ohio

AlexStandiford, Tusc county, Ohio

Abandoned Places In South Carolina - - Yahoo Image Search Results

Abandoned Places In South Carolina - - Yahoo Image Search Results

Greene County, Georgia, circa 1936. "Ruined house, Penfield vicinity."

Ruined house, Penfield vicinity Greene County, Georgia, circa (by Frances Benjamin Johnston)

Old Plantation House in Frankford, Pike County, Missouri.

Old Plantation House in Platte County, Missouri.

The brick tower with turrets has six floors and was used as a lookout post by the master as he surveyed his vast domain of fields being worked by slaves.  The winding steps inside have since disappeared.  http://www.deepfriedkudzu.com/2011/03/courtland-saunders-hall-and-rocky-hill.html

Rocky Hill Castle is a historic plantation home in Courtland, Alabama. Built in the but when the Civil War broke out it was used by Confederates as a hospital. Some say that the spirits of Civil War soldiers haunt the premises.

by kendrasmoocleus on Flickr - Now this is a fixer upper!

Writing inspiration: Abandoned house in Nova, Ohio. Nova is an unincorporated community in central Troy Township, Ashland County, Ohio.

Forgotten In Georgia

This house might be abandoned but at one time it was loved.the flowers in the front add so much happiness to the families who once live here. Abandoned home - Wonderful shutters - Thomas County, Georgia

Locals say the owner of Ohio’s Milan Mansion was a practicing witch. - Photo by Seph Lawless

These Are America’s Spookiest Homes

The Milan Mansion( OHIO) long suspected as being haunted. The owner a practicing witch known by locals as the Milan Witch is said to be buried underneath front porch.

Abandoned place in Cleveland called Mudhouse Mansion

"The Top 10 Haunted Places in Ohio" Mudhouse Mansion, Fairfield County Ohio

Franklin Castle, an abandoned mansion in Cleveland, Ohio. But I could only live here if I could move the whole house down south.

Ohios haunted houses Cleveland Ohio - Franklin Castle, rumored to be haunted and contain secret passages and rooms.