FLOR / Heaven Sent & Made You Look / Weinstein School Room / Atlanta, GA / Cool blues are fit for a cool classroom. Who said you can't mix and match your favorite styles? Get this calming color scheme with Heaven Sent & Made You Look carpet squares.

All different FLOR carpet tile squares on sale....also, they have $100 gift cards for $70 - #zulily

I love how bright and fun this looks. It's better (to me) than some of the local indoor playspaces! I'm so glad we did the Flor carpet tiles.

I love this classic example of environmental enrichment for cats from Apartment Therapy's 2006 pet decor contest. Made from floating shelf units purchased at West Elm and Home Depot and topped with Flor carpet tiles, this minimalist solution maximizes space while providing indoor cats with a great way to get some exercise. Source: Cat Stairs Pet Decor Contest…

FLOR design: Rake Me Over - Lime intermixed with new styles Heaven Sent and Made You Look.

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