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Let's Go! Volcano Boarding in León

Have you ever been volcano boarding? If not, put it on your to-do list ASAP! | Alex in Wanderland

Columnar Basalt Outcrop

East of Reykjavik, Iceland lies the mountain, Hengill. Hengill was formed from a Palagomite tuff, it is a central volcano and has a giant magma chamber beneath it. When thick basalt lava flows cool, they form hexagonal cracks, called columnar joints. These can be found also in Ireland & Scotland.

De l'art gratuit dans la nature. La lave d'un volcan crée des structures et des plis comme des drapés qui peuvent stimuler l'inspiration. // Free and natural art found in nature. Lava from a volcano creates structures and drape-like folds that can be quite inspiring.

Kilauea Volcano

Volcano Kilauea, Hawaii. Aspect of Hawaii, people often forget - the islands are still being built - as we speak. Lava made all of the Hawaiian islands.

A Queso volcano....sounds insane but totally awesome!! And it's surprisingly easy!! This is sure to be a HUGE hit at a dinosaur party!!