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water turbine for off the grid electricity. I can't help but imaging this hooked up to a rain barrel to store water AND electricity

How to make a DIY 'lie detector' / skin conductance meter? Check out the full project To clarify I do not want to use this 'homemade lie detector' to detect deception. I want to be able to record some measure of physiological arousal-- most likely Skin Conductance (Gavlanic Skin Response). But since I'm not doing this for law enforcement or scientific research I can't shell out the money for a 'real' one. How can I make or buy a 'skin conductance sensor' on a 'poor student' budget? Bonus…

20 Awesome DIY Science Projects to Do With Your Kids

This experiment tests the electrical conductivity of several water-based liquids. It’s fascinating to see which conduct electricity and which don’t. What you’ll need for this project: One conductivity board (you can make your own or buy one online) A glass bowl Water Different water-soluble liquids and solids (bleach, laundry detergents, food coloring, glycerine, salt, sugar, baking soda) Directions: Hook up the conductivity board Pour water into the glass ......

10 Fabulous and Fashionable Wearable Projects from Becky Stern

This simple project is both practical and fashionable. Add some interior lights to your purse and never fumble in the dark for your things again. The project makes use of Adafruit's GEMMA Sequin Starter Pack, conductive thread and conductive hook and loop tape. More info at:

Starting from a $2 draw liner PAVES is a portable dancing mat for the passionate dancers. It’s convenient, easy and fun! Purchase the DIY kit and you can design your own mat by sticking the sticky dots with Electric Paint. With every step, a track will play. Just choose the tracks and transfer them into the touchpad. Unroll, hook them up and you’re ready to dance your heart away. #Code #technology